Ways To Identify A Pill.
Find Out How To Correctly ID A Tablet Or Capsule.

By FDA regulation, every doctor prescribed, narcotic, over-the-counter, veterinary and homeopathic medicine and a expanding number of tablets, capsules, and soft gels in these classes must bear a mark or emboss with which its identification can be made. These identifying markings are collectively known among drug information specialists as imprints.

Computer, and later web based data sources, cataloged only alphanumeric details as well as coloring, shape and scoring. All competitive databases fail to catalog any logo graphics that might be part of the imprint. The lookup mechanisms often consist of a simple match of the alphanumeric information, along with other descriptors like the color, shape and scoring. Any logo graphic is simply thrown away in any competitive database.

A search of this kind frequently ends up with dozens, occasionally over one hundred, potential matches and the consumer must select the final choice by choosing the closest match. Even when the final choice is reached, the imprint details are often not complete because no company logo image information is integrated into the results display. This leaves the user wondering if he’s identified his pill or not.

Because doubt in choosing the mark exists, the most effective tablet and capsule imprint database recognizes that errors can be easily made when permitting an individual to make the final choice when all the imprint characteristics may not be present.

It was crystal clear a new paradigm is exactly what was needed.

Drug Identity Information first identified three persistent problems in the drug identification field:

1. Needing to select from a list of products where the user needs to make the ultimate choice, hence taking the chance of being wrong.

2. Lacking all the details in the imprint displayed to confirm the selection made is accurate.

3. Unavailability of an identification caused by incomplete databases.

To solve the problems, solutions were first defined:

To positively and specifically declare the ID, each lookup of an imprint database must lead to a unique choice.

To establish that the ID is accurate, all the information from the imprint must be documented and exhibited as verification.

To achieve certainty in making an identification (ID), the database must be all-inclusive.

These three requirements were utilized to set objectives that would distinguish the Pill ID .com process from other vendors of information in the field. The first goal is accomplished by the implementation of our patented process that sets the rules by which both the imprint is cataloged and the user ultimately makes the ID. This also ensures that a pill id done on www.pillid.com leads the user to a definitive outcome in every case.

The second goal is achieved by displaying the confirming color, shape and scoring of the dosage form is displayed verifying the pill identification. The display also notifies the user of a potential duplicate imprint when there is one.

Lastly, the third objective is attained because Pill ID.Com utilizes the most complete database available.

The patented pill identification system is now available at http:// www. drugid. info

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